The Back Fence Cat

Even though we are inside cats, we have a friend.  She is a torty girl and we call her “the Back Fence Cat”.  She jumps up onto the fence and looks in at us.  Sometimes, if Wicket is in the courtyard, they like to have a chat.  She has even been known to play a laser game with the three of us, especially if the light wanders out into the courtyard.

But just lately, all hasn’t been well for the Back Fence Cat….

The other day, she jumped onto the fence and was shocked by what had happened. She spent a good hour looking and looking, but alas, her path to the house behind us has been blocked forever.

And so, clearly distressed, the Back Fence Cat sat and sat and sat, until finally it was dinner time.  The good part is that now she visits us even more often than she did before. She sits on the fence for hours at a time. We hope she becomes less shy and comes to play.

And to add to her woes, her staff seem to have other priorities.  They went away and young people in charge and they come home at all hours of the morning. So, the poor girl has been crying at dinner time and all night.

Our staff have left her out some food and we hope that she is comfortable in our courtyard.  We will put a nice box out for her to sleep in too so that she is comfortable while her staff are performing poorly.

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2 thoughts on “The Back Fence Cat

  1. she is a beautiful girl & not nearly cuddly enough. when she moves in what do you think you may call her???? From all pusskahs we thank you muchly for looking out for her and caring about her. mwah =^..^=

    • We agree – she needs some love. Its sad that not everyone treats their kittys as well as they should. We will make sure she is safe. *kitty kisses* for you all.

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