Lucky Us

Written by Dugal

The three of us have had a pawsome week!  Not only did we get two presents, but more importantly, and the funnest of all was seeing three of our pals receive Haighs chocolate bilbies.  First, let me tell you about the gifts we received.


Button and his mum made a special bloo mousie for us.  It is the same as Button and Poppy’s.  We waited for our parcel to arrive, and waited some more, until finally….

Envelope from Button

a parcel arrived.  We were allowed to open it and unpack it ourselves.

A Bloo Mousie came

Opening our parcel from Button






Thankyou to Button, Poppy and Button’s mum for our gorgeous mousie and very cute card. We love it.

Mousie and card from Button

Wicket caught the mousie









The very same day, a parcel arrived from our pal, Mr Pie (he has a sisfur called Pudding).  Mr Pie is a famous kitty.  He has been on the telly and in a cat magazine.  We were very excited about this parcel too.

I wonder what is in here?

We had a bit of trouble, so our staff opened this one for us.  And guess what was inside??

I wonder what is in the little package?

Pictures and a badge of Pie the famous cat







The package had a badge that I can pin in a special place (I think on my favourite quilt), some photos of Pie when he was doing his famous weight loss program and two pawtographs.

A kiss for Pie

Thankyou to Pie and his staff for sending us an lovely present.  We are very lucky cats to know such a famous kitty and to have such generous pals.

We will write about the gifts we sent in our next post…..


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