Bilbies Abound

This week, I want to tell you about the international spread of bilbies.  We wish these were real bilbies because the Greater Bilby is highly endangered and the subject of some awesome conservation projects, including the Wildlife Preservation Society’s Bilby Project (supported by #nipclub). This is their webbie:

According to Haigh’s chocolates (which is an awesome high quality chocolate made in our home town of Adelaide), in “1991, The Foundation for Rabbit Free Australia (RFA) created the Easter Bilby in order to draw public attention to the plight of this endangered species.”  Haighs was the first chocolate maker to start making chocolate bilbies instead of bunnies and now doesn’t make easter bunnies anymore.  A portion of the sales from Easter bilbies goes to the RFQ to help them protect the Bilby’s habitat.

Because most of my international twitter friends didn’t know what a bilby was, and Haigh’s chocolates are awesome, and I wanted to repay the generosity of my pals, I decided to send some chocolate bilbies out for Easter.

Just so you know, this is a Bilby:

Greater Bilby

And this is a Haigh’s chocolate bilby:


The first pal to receive their bilby was Pie (you met him last week):

Pie with his gift

You will see that we also managed to export some Australian made liver treats which are low fat treats (this is important because Pie is famous for reducing his fur size).  We were amazed to see Pie sitting so quietly next to a bag of treats.  We have worked out how to open the packet.  Clearly, once they were opened, Pie discovered that these treats are indeed awesome:

Pie with his treats

The very same day Lord Button (now with a BSc majoring in mousing) received his bilby and treats.  His sisfur Poppy was also very interested in the parcel.  Although not as interested as she was in her dinner :-)

Poppy with the box from us

Now, those of you who are not aware of the animal community on twitter, would not realise that there is an awesome bear called Henry (@henryandfriends).

Henry's aviHe has an amazing talent for helping anipals feel happy and is the community’s equivalent of a social worker.  He also runs a #keepfits class.   Having witnessed Henry’s awesomeness, Mouche (you’ll meet them soon) and I decided that Henry should be a recipient of a Bilby Award.

Henry was very excited to receive his bilby as you can see – watch our Henry, don’t fall in the box!

Henry’s Easter Bilby

Nipclub There will be more Bilby’s as prizes at the #nipclub on this coming Saturday:

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