Jazzy Friday

Our almost teen had an awesome day today.  He was lucky enough to be one of a group of 10 that had a masterclass with James Morrison this afternoon.  James was extremely generous with his time and spent almost an hour and a half revealing some of the secrets of his success:

  • Hear the notes you want to play in your head before you play them
  • Play your instrument as much as you can (more play than practice)
  • Ask yourself the right questions (ask how you can do something, not why you don’t)
  • Get out there and let others hear you as often as possible
  • Play with confidence – if something goes wrong, turn it around to your advantage
  • Don’t push your trumpet against your mouth – the note won’t come out
  • Listen and play and don’t worry if you don’t get it right first time
  • Listen to good players lots and listen to the pieces you want to play being played by someone else – otherwise you will only be as good as you are not as good as you could be.

Fantastic day and James was awesome – he didn’t finish until 6pm (1.5 hours after he was supposed to finish).

Here are some pics and vids:

James talking to Almost 13

James with the Masterclass Attendees

Playing loud for James

A Bilby Easter

Somehow, we are not sure how, an Easter bilby made its way to Emo and Giz in the UK.

The Easter Parcel

What is this brown critter?






    Not only was there a chocolate bilby, but there were some Aussie made liver treats. Button’s sisfur Poppy and Pie have both enjoyed their liver treats. Giz is a little like me Wicket though, he cat take them or leave them. Emo hoovered them up (psst – Giz is watching Emo’s every move – perhaps he is the king and Emo is the taste tester?):

And then, finally, of course there is always the box:

Thanks for the box

We hope you enjoyed your parcel Emo and Giz!

Our Turn

And then, when we got home from our Easter break, we found a parcel waiting for us from E&G!  We were so excited.  The parcel smelled wonderful. We all 3 of us had to check it out at the same time.

Our Parcel Smells So Good

After the parcel was opened for us, Dugal was in first of course. And he snagged himself a prize before going back for  another look.

Dugal Snags a Mousie

What Else is in Here?







We final got all our stuff unloaded. What a generous gift from our overseas pals.

Nip Mice! Once Each!

Look What we Got






Our junior staff took off with an Easter Bunny, our mum staff loved the card the most and our dad staff hoovered up a packet of creme eggs before you could bat an eyelid…. but what we love best are the mousies.

This One is Mine!

Dugal and the Pink Nip Mousie






Thankyou very much Emo & Giz and your wonderful staff.