Jazzy Friday

Our almost teen had an awesome day today.  He was lucky enough to be one of a group of 10 that had a masterclass with James Morrison this afternoon.  James was extremely generous with his time and spent almost an hour and a half revealing some of the secrets of his success:

  • Hear the notes you want to play in your head before you play them
  • Play your instrument as much as you can (more play than practice)
  • Ask yourself the right questions (ask how you can do something, not why you don’t)
  • Get out there and let others hear you as often as possible
  • Play with confidence – if something goes wrong, turn it around to your advantage
  • Don’t push your trumpet against your mouth – the note won’t come out
  • Listen and play and don’t worry if you don’t get it right first time
  • Listen to good players lots and listen to the pieces you want to play being played by someone else – otherwise you will only be as good as you are not as good as you could be.

Fantastic day and James was awesome – he didn’t finish until 6pm (1.5 hours after he was supposed to finish).

Here are some pics and vids:

James talking to Almost 13

James with the Masterclass Attendees

Playing loud for James

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