Delicious Cup Cakes


@KillerParrot may be an unlikely friend for a bunch of cats, but Penne is not like any other bird.  Penne is an amazing lasagne eating, Warden (Penne’s mum) biting parrot who sings and meows.

Not only that but Warden is very crafty (see the link to her Etsy  page on my sidebar).  She makes lots of nifty things like owl hats and gloves for people (complete with googly eyes), and toys for cats – which is where we come in.

We ordered some cupcakes from Warden and she made two of them in the colours of Dugal’s footy team (Geelong Cats)

Nip Cupcakes

The cupcakes had to arrive without the beautiful fresh nip that Warden grows and dries herself because they don’t like the customs puppies sniffing nip at work.  Dugal couldn’t wait to get stuck in.

Fresh Nip Cupcakes

He didn’t even wait for them to be filled with nip. When they were filled with nip though, they were irresistible.

Tasting a Nip Cupcake

And as you can see in the video, they are extremely tasty and make cats super relaxed.

Now Warden has expanded her range, she is making fish. Not only can we have desert, but we can also have main course.  We can’t wait for the next course.  We’ll let you know how tasty they are.

Warden's New Fishies

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