Mt Gambier 2012

We have written before about our almost teen (now a teen) and his music.  Well, each year, he and his band mates go to Mt Gambier for Generations in Jazz which is an amazing national schools stagehand competition.

This was the third year that he went to Mt Gambier, he was in a Division 4 band the first year, Division 3 and 4 the next year, and the same again this year (but this was his first year on piano).

As a wamup for this competition, the school has a Gig at the Gov to raise funds for coaching and also to get the boys excited and ready for Mt Gambier. Here are some vids of this years’ performance.

Finally the excitement could be borne no longer and there were two buses full of 5 stage bands and a choir on the road to Mt Gambier.  The parents are glad that they don’t have to put up with the excitement in the car.

On Saturday our teen performed at 8am in Division 4 on the piano. This is them playing littlest one.  The band is very young with most of the musicians in primary school.

Shortly after teen played in trumped in Division 3.2.

The results are announced at the concert on Sunday afternoon.  The division 3 band had been split into two halves for Mt Gambier with teen being in the 3.2 half.  The 3.1 half of the band picked up a third place which was very exciting.  When Bill Broughton was announcing the results for Division 3.2, other schools were placed and the parents thought that the boys had missed out even though they played well. But…. much to everyone’s delight and excitement, they won their division!

Bill Broughton’s comments were very positive and encouraging as you can hear in the adjudicators comments which are recorded as the band is playing (i.e. you can hear the band playing with the adjudicators voice over).

Click here to hear the adjudicators comments as the band plays

Congratulations to the Band!

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2 thoughts on “Mt Gambier 2012

  1. COncats to junior staff we know how hard he works!!!! A well deserved result! Now to write a song to dedicate to Wicket as his muse…..

    • He says to say thank you. He is working even harder now – amazing what a wonderful impact role models and positive comments have on teenagers. Bill Broughton had a huge impact on him.

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