Sunshine Award

We are new to blogging and we had no idea about blog awards which are usually awards that bloggers share with each other.  But we now have two.  I will write about the second one first, and in my next post I will talk about the Lieber award.

We found a comment on our blog one day from Pets Blog United (Oskar and Pam) letting us know about their blog which is an amazing blog for pet bloggers to meet other bloggers.    It has heaps of links for other blogs, so it was truly an honour when we received an email letting us know that Oskar and Pam had given us a Sunshine Award.

Now, it’s not as simple as that.  We need to answer some questions and pass the award along to 10 other blogs and let them know they have received it.  So, here goes:

Favorite number: 3 cos there are three of us that live here with our 3 staff.

Favorite Non-alcoholic drink: Ummm. Well we’ve only ever had water (hope its non-alcoholic), so I guess that’s it.

Facebook or Twitter: We not good at Facebook cos staff isn’t smart enough to work it out.  But Dugal is good at Twitter – so that’s it – Twitter.

My Passion: Helping staff to do whatever it is that she is doing.

Favorite pattern: hmmm.  Not sure about patterns.  I think our favourite pattern is the pattern of our biscuits in our bowl.

Favorite Day of the Week:  Any day that we have staff at home to get food whenever we ask and throw our toys around.

Favorite Flower:  We don’t much like the taste of flowers.  Dugal and Wicket did taste some tulips once and they were OK – so tulips is our answer.

Now we have to pick 10 other bloggers to pass this onto.  So, we picked some that we know you will love – make sure you stop by and say hi to them:

Gemma the Puppy 

Billy the Pig

Smokey the Purring Cat (world record holder for loudest purr)

Biggie Fudgecake

Pie the Fat Cat (actually, he’s not fat anymore)

Jessie Janey

Catonauts (Janis)

Mr Bumpy Cat

Henry and Friends

Zali the Dachshund 

Please visit these blogs and have yourself a good look around :-)

Thankyou again Pam and Oskar!! *hugs*


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7 thoughts on “Sunshine Award

  1. “bashful ears” thanks very much for the mention on your blog I am very honoured – all my anipals on twitter have been very kind , loving and show lots of love to others
    Have a great week xx

    • I truly believe the animal community is amazing. Just goes to show that pet owners and lovers are caring peeps. :-)

  2. Dear Dugal, Wicket & McGonagall,
    What an honour it is to receive a Sunshine Award from you and to learn of Pets Blog United (Oskar and Pam) – the originators of this fabulous method of sharing blogs we enjoy. On behalf of huMum, I thank you and your family very much.
    xxx’s with love
    “Thank your mother for the Bilbys”

    • And thank your huMum for raising the awareness of the plight of the bilbies :-)

  3. Meeeeooooowwwwww! I’m so thrilled to receive this award. I believe I truly deserve it. It’s just another step towards my goal of ruling the world. Now to find ten blogs to give it away to. Since you’ve given it to the animal blogs I would have chosen, Mum says she can suggest some awesome lupus bloggers who really deserve it.

    • Fantastic Mr Bumpy! I am glad your Mum can give the award to some well-deserving lupus bloggers :-)

  4. I’m delighted to receive my award. You’re such a fun pal to know Dugal. Thank you very much indeed. I’m deeply honoured to appear here! *grins*

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