Do You Remember Lingy? What about Baz?

One day while we were chatting with our pal @clingycat on twitter, the subject of knitting arose.  Turns out that their HuMum loves Cameron Ling and had a pattern of a footy player that she had tried many times to get made.  Our staff thought that it looked like fun so she volunteered to make a doll for them.

Since being mailed to his new home in Queensland, Lingy has been on a trip to Melbourne to make an appearance on the Marngrook show and he also was lucky enough to go to a Geelong match at Etihad stadium.

While Lingy was being made, we discovered that @Gemmathepuppy’s Mum loves Big Barry Hall from his Sydney Swans days. … so guess what appeared….

But where are his tatts?  We need to teach staff to embroider so she can make a Dane Swan for @JessieJaney.


And then….. it was our turn.  The postie turned up at our door.

From @Clingycat

Oh my….. all this stuff for us?

We love all our toys.  Not so sure about the book but our staff surely snaffled that one up!

And then he came again with fun things from @Gemmathepuppy ….

We are very lucky kitties in our house to have such wonderful pals.

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4 thoughts on “Do You Remember Lingy? What about Baz?

  1. so slack at reading everyfurr’s blogs. I apologise for not seeing this one sooner! We can never thank you enough for our Cameron Ling!!!!! We are just so spoilt & grateful to have such a great pal. mwah XOXO

  2. OMD!! We have only just seen this!! Thank you again for making Bazza for us. We love him so much and think mum staff is so clever. Most of all thank you for your friendship. xxxx

    • Thankyou Gemma :-) We say that’s what friends are for. We love that you are our friend and thank you for your friendship too xxx

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