Show Off

Did you know that Dugal is a show cat? Did you know that Dugal is not his real name?

Premier Remporter Scene Bear

Premier is his title, Remporter is the kennel name of the breeder, and Scene Bear is his pedigree name.

Several times a year, Dugal is groomed to remove all the dead fur from his coat, his white paws are washed to make them really white, grooming powder is applied to his coat, his paw pads, eyes and ears and cleaned, his ears are trimmed of the pointy fur and his claws are clipped.

Early on a Sunday morning, he is recombed and loaded into his kitty crate to be taken to the show venue.  After arrival, all cats are “vetted in”.  This is where all cats are inspected by a vet to make sure there are no fleas and no contagious diseases to protect all the cats at the show as well as the stewards and judges.

From there, his cage is dressed and, yes, he is groomed one last time.

Dugal in his freshly dressed cage

Dugal then sets about destroying all the work of dressing the cage.

Dugal in his undressed cage

There he waits patiently for the judge

Here comes the judge

The judge inspects everything – ears, face, body shape, tail, etc to make sure the cat looks like it should in accordance with the association rules.  In Dugal’s case, he assesses the judge and decides whether he is going to be nice or temperamental.  If its a man judge – expect to be hissed at. If the judge is a lady – expect a smooch.

And then, come the medals and prizes.  Dugal donates all his food and litter prizes to the Animal Welfare League so that the kitties have some good quality food.

The judge also awards a “merit” or a “challenge” and these go towards the next title.  Dugal has one more point to go before he is a “Grand Premier Remporter Scene Bear”.

People often ask if he enjoys being shown and the answer is – mostly.  He doesn’t mind all the grooming, he usually doesn’t mind being judged (unless he takes a dislike to the judge), and he naps all day in his cage on a comfy bed just as he would nap all day at home.  He doesn’t mind coming out for a pat if people ask, but….. he is definitely a Mummy’s boy!! He loves his mumstaff and she has to be there else he won’t co-operate.

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13 thoughts on “Show Off

  1. Hi Dugal! I saw that you just followed my blog so I followed you back! So nice to make your acquaintance. I have another blog furriend, Kjelle Bus in Sweden who is also a show cat.Mostly he does not seem to mind, but I think being a show cat is way harder than show dogs. Anyways, concatulations on your award points and status. You are very handsome. What breed are you if I may ask? paw pats, Savannah

    • Hi Savannah. Thankyou for following me back and for the concatulations.

      I am a Scottish Shorthair and my house mate, Wicket is a Scottish Fold. Our staff say that the hardest part about showing cats is teaching us how to behave nicely. 😉

    • Thankyou. I have 1 more point to go. :-)

      Yes, not all kitties are as fortunate as us. We like to help whenever we can.

      Thankyou for your lovely comment

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