Top 10 (11) Ways to Get Attention

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to share some tips with you because we have learnt many new tricks over the last couple of weeks. :-)

We have been thoroughly neglected because of the following very poor excuses offered by our staff

  • Holiday to the Sunshine State (they got to go the the beach and we didn’t)
  • Leaving for work early and coming home late (really? that’s just an excuse not to play with us)
  • Family events such as a wedding and a relative sick in hospital (we’ll all be sick from lack of food in a minute)
  • Junior staff is more important (no way! he’s just the junior slave that is supposed to feed us whenever we like, else why is he junior?)

Anyway, you get the gist.  So, we have invented many new tricks to seek attention.  Try these if you are having the same issues as us:

  • Send in the cute gingie with folded over ears to bite staff and then look at them as though nothing happened
  • Shred their toilet paper – the reaction is hilarious!

  • Block up the entire kitchen so that they can’t do what they want to do

  • Play with electricity – that soon gets their attention

  • climb the shutters in the middle of the night (there are no pictures of that one – lazy staff)
  • Tell them that you haven’t been fed for a week even though a different staff member fed you minutes ago

  • and then feed yourself while no one is looking

  • And then make out as though you have never been fed and have to resort to scavenging

  •  Supervise their own feeding activities so closely that they get sick of you and pay you some attention

  • Force them to have a break by sitting on their work devices – you are bound to get some scritches at least

  • And if all else fails….. threaten to jump

So there you have it, my top 10 (um eleven) ways to get more attention.  Remember any attention is good, even if it means you are in trouble – at least you have managed to stop the humans from doing their own thing.

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9 thoughts on “Top 10 (11) Ways to Get Attention

    • Sitting on their stuff, especially when they want to use it is an excellent method. We have found that biting produces a much more immediate reaction, although not necessarily the one we want. I think we have some refining to do still. Love to hear any new ideas :-)

      Purrs from us 3

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    • MOL Patchy! Love the ADHD – must be same as us. Microwave sitting is great – cats eye view in our house and very difficult for staff to remove without knocking stuff off.

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