Our Little Buddha

Remporter A Bear in There (aka Wicket)

We are writing this because Dugal always gets lots of comments about the pictures of Wicket that he posts on twitter.  Wicket is a Scottish Fold which means that when he was about 9 weeks old or so, his ears spontaneously folded forward.  This is a mutation that was originally spotted in a cat called Susie who lived in Scotland.  All Scottish Folds are related to her.

The gene that causes the ears to fold can also affect other parts of the body, like the tail.  Because of this, Scottish Folds are out-bred to either an American Shorthair or a British Shorthair.  This reduces the likelihood of the issue occurring.  This means that Scottish Folds have one Scottish Fold parent and one British or American shorthair parent.

Scottish Folds have many interesting traits.  The one that is noticed on twitter the most is the Buddha pose.  Wicket sits like this all the time and watches the goings on in the house.

Here is a picture taken by Dugals twitter pal, Jeff Musk (see the #wigitup page).

When he is tired of watching, and his eyes start to get droopy, he flops over backwards into a “bear rug” position.

And when he wants to get up, he reverses the pose and does a “sit up”

The other curious thing that they do, is when something piques their interest, Scottish Folds sit up on their back legs with their front paws folded over in front of them and look around them curiously like a meerkat.  We don’t yet have a picture of Wicket in this pose but we will keep trying.

Now, not all kittens in the litter usually have folded over ears.  So what happens to the others?  They have erect ears like Dugal.

In some countries, Dugal would be called a Scottish Fold too, but in Australia they are registered as Scottish Shorthairs (or longhairs).  Whether erect ears or folded, these cats share the same traits, especially the bear rug, although Dugal looks more like an upside down basking lizard.  On twitter this is called #dugaling.   Dugal also doesn’t sit like Buddha.

So, we hope we have answered some of the questions that we get about Wicket, our little Buddha.

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7 thoughts on “Our Little Buddha

  1. I know what caused this mutation. Someone had checked Susie´s ears too often if they´re clean. Like my huMum does or rather tries as then my ears automatically fold. Could need such a clever gene *sighs*

    • MOL! Staff keep trying to fold my ears but they don’t stay. My ears being cleaned today because I have another show tomorrow.

    • Thanks JJ. It’s been a Wicket week on twitter this week with everyone fascinated with the Buddha look. We got lots of new homes for him all over the world 😉

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