Super Sweet Blogging Award

A couple of weeks ago  I received the Super Sweet Blogging Award from my lovely pal Patchy.  (I know, staff have been very slack…. I would have done this earlier, but my staff abandoned me last weekend and my paws are too big for the keyboard.)

THANKYOU PATCHY!!! Please visit Patchy’s blog (click here)

Now, we need to pass this pawsome award on to some of our pals who are also very sweet

Gemma the Puppy and his mum (check out their shop too)

Mince Pie – amazing story about Pie on his blog

The Tardis Toms – fabulous stories on there from @TomCatSamurai

Jessie Janey – she’s the best for making sure us Aussies and Kiwis stay in touch

Janis – lovely kitty pics and stories here

Bailey – What a sweet puppy

A huge thankyou to Patchy and we hope that you visit our sweet pal’s blogs

Dugal Loves Angry Birds

Dugal is often caught hauling a stuffed Angry Bird around the house.  We find the toy in many different places, usually after we have been out.  It took us a while to work out who the culprit was, but we now know.   Here is a little movie that we made to show you Dugal’s love hate relationship with a stuffed toy.