Dugal Loves Angry Birds

Dugal is often caught hauling a stuffed Angry Bird around the house.  We find the toy in many different places, usually after we have been out.  It took us a while to work out who the culprit was, but we now know.   Here is a little movie that we made to show you Dugal’s love hate relationship with a stuffed toy.

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10 thoughts on “Dugal Loves Angry Birds

    • Thankyou gorgeous puppy. That bird just doesn’t get the message!!! I think I better take some lessons from you because your penguin disappeared; my angry bird just gets grumpy and comes back for more 😉 xxx

    • MOL!!! That’s as close as I get to a real birdy Savannah. Not sure why it kept coming back for more.*sharpening teeth ready for next attach*

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