3 Aussie Cats?

So we have been 3 Aussie Cats for a over a year now….. although we have received a few applications to our happy little club. First there was the back fence cat:

Back Fence CatAnd the pretty face cat…..


And staff has been checking out these kitties ……


But…… one day, we saw this little guy looking in at us


Staff said that he looked hungry and lonely and gave him some food. He kept coming back to visit us and didn’t have a collar.  Staff wondered whether he belonged to anyone. Eventually he stopped going anywhere else and was living in our courtyard.

Dad staff kept asking what we were going to do because three cats was already too many! *horrified ears*. Dugal spoke to some of his twitter friends and got the name of some shelters from one of our Adelaide pals, but staff couldn’t bring herself to take the kitty there for fear that he wouldn’t find a home.

Junior staff had already given the kitty a name!! We were having this for dinner the day he arrived, so he started calling our new resident Rigate.Unknown

Staff took him to the vet and they found that he didn’t have a microchip. He had a blood test and tested negative to Feline Leukemia and Feline AIDS. That was good! Dad staff felt that he was fighting a losing battle by this stage and had even taken over feeding our new resident.

So, after the trip to the vet, he was allowed inside and before you knew it Dad staff said he needed to stay in at night so he didn’t fight with the other applicants for the fourth Aussie Cat. Fair enough.

So, I guess he lives here. Now, can you see where we were asked for our opinion on the applicant? Did we get to interview him???? No and no!

It’s fair to say that life has been a little hissy around here. Somehow Dugal has ended up being the bottom of the pecking order still. Wicket has made an alliance with Rigate and McGonagall smacks Rigate whenever he makes a bid to be the boss.

It turns out that Rigate was not house-trained, but he is making great in roads and the he is starting to make himself at home.


So I guess that means welcome to Rigate, the fourth member of the “3AussieCats”!


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6 thoughts on “3 Aussie Cats?

  1. What a lovely guy! But i agree with Jessie and second regarding exercise regime … if you need a co-trainer, you know I´m quite good as a coach, I´d be happy to help :)

    Janis xxx´s (blog doesn´t connect with my WP or Twitter account *sighs*)

    • You would be an excellent coach Janis!! xxx

      Sorry about WP connections. We have been trying to find out what is wrong, but so far, haven’t been able to. We will keep trying


    • :) Well, we are getting used to him. Poor little bloke. If only he would keep his collar on!! Don’t want him getting lost now.

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