Blooming Brilliant Award

Well, blow me down, you could knock us over with a feather!! We are extremely honoured to be telling you about another blog award.  This very special award was created in celebration of the First Anniversary of The Five Cats Chronicles and it’s called the Blooming Brilliant Blog Award.

Blooming Brilliant Blog Award

Thankyou so much to Patchy from the Five Cats Chronicles!!  In accepting the award, Patchy has asked that I do these things:

  1. Give a link back to the site that gave them the award.
  2. Pass the award on to a minimum of 4 other blogs.
  3. Answer this question:  If you had a brilliant idea what would it be?
So here I go!
For those of you who have not visited Patchy’s blog, the Five Cats Chronicles, YOU MUST!! I particularly enjoy the post where Patchy writes to famous peeps.  To read the letters, or visit Patchy’s site, here are the links:
And, because I am not good at doing what I am told in the right order, I am going to answer the question next. My brilliant idea is:
I want to create a kitty resort for all kitties to enjoy! It needs to be a mansion and have full time staff to meet all our demands.  I just need my staff to win lotto and then convince them to build us a mansion.  It would look something like this:
….. love the fish pool, trees to climb and the huuuuge litter tray out the front :)
Now, comes the best part. I get to award this to a minimum of four recipients.  So here are four blogs that I really love:
  • Ruger Blue and Izzy – Ruger is brilliant with words. He might not be a cat, but sometimes he thinks like one
  • Gemma – OMC, we’ve just picked another doggy! Gemma has some brilliant toys and is a puppy fashionista
  • Janis Felidae because she is truly brilliant to learn as much about AFL in one season as she has!
  • Mr Bumpy Cat because he is such a brilliant writer that he has written his own blog
  • and, taa daaaa my last winner is Jessie and her huMum for their brilliance at organising all us Aussie anipals.

Concatulations to these wonderful winners!  Please visit their blogs and thankyou once again to our pal Patchy! And don’t forget to visit Patchy’s shop, Catnip Corner

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3 thoughts on “Blooming Brilliant Award

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  2. Concatulations – well deserved, dear kitties. Except for one thing – a kitty resort is a good idea but what about a doggy resort ? *feeling a little bit left out* We likes holibobs too :o)

    • Thankyou Thomas!! You shouldn’t feel left you. You and Gemma and Ruger are honorary kitties and will be welcome anytime!! We will stock up on puppy treats specially for you xxx

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