Feline Pawty Candidate for Adelaide

Candidates poster Dugal Adelaide



Some of you may be aware that the ginger in charge of our country said that we have to get a new government in September.

Mr Bumpy has decided that cats need to rule the world including Australia and has been pre-selecting candidates.

I am pleased to say that I have won pre-selection for the seat of Adelaide (sorry Kate E but your time’s up) and I stand by the policies of the Feline Pawty.

Please see all the other candidates at Mr Bumpy’s webby here And vote for me

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7 thoughts on “Feline Pawty Candidate for Adelaide

    • Thankyou for your confidence Mr Bumpy :-). I have to beat Miss Kate though. She has the peeps on her side at the moment -just married that journalist bloke. Oh well, maybe she will be too busy to concentrate on her campaign


  1. Yes, concatulations Dugal .. you is gonna whitewash your opposition, not only with your superior intelligence, but also your extreme good looks :) In fact, you prolly gonna need a bodyguard just to keep the female kitties from mugging you when you is out campaigning *winks*

    • What a sweet puppy you are! Are you volunteering to be my bodyguard Thomas? *hopeful ears* I’m a bit shy around the girl kitties 😉


  2. Concats Sweety, Feline Pawty will be unbeatable! And Thomas is very likely right, you´ll need a bodyguard! I already took over the media-thingy for lovely JJ but for sure I could overtake two jobs *cheeky grin*

    • Thankyou Janis! You are the best PR kitty in the world Janis. JJ is a sure bet with you on her team. Of course I would love some help with media if you have time to spare.
      Dugal xxxx

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