2013 ACF National Show

Hi everyone. It’s been a long time since I (Dugal) have been able to convince staff to help me.  Since our Junior staff is away at the moment, there should be plenty of time. Well, today was a very special day for me because I was at the 2013 ACF National Show in Adelaide.  Lots of my buddies on twitter want to know what it’s like to be in a cat show, so I thought I would explain a few things and show you some pics.

First of all, the alarm goes off REALLY early on a Sunday morning and everyone dives out of bed at a million miles an hour which is really funny (especially in our house where there are 4 cats and 2 humans on the same bed).  Everyone glares at me with that look…. “not another show…. again”.

After they have groomed themselves and fed us some breakfast, it’s my turn. Fur powder, furminator, comb, ear trim, nose and face clean, claw trim…. My cage is already prepared and waiting and then it’s everyone in the car. So much stuff for one kitty!


Staff stop and chat to the little French man’s shop on the way and come out with some pastries for themselves and coffee. Today we arrived at 7.15am for vetting in.  Because it was the National Show, there were lots of vets and the queue moved very quickly… just as well, it was only 11C.

Then my cage is put in the right spot (with the Group 3 neuters today – normally it is Group 4).  And there’s more fussing. Another comb, face check and settle in. This is me settling in today.

IMG_4301Then the judging starts.  Today the rules were a little different and I was competing in Group 3 which not only includes the kitties that I am normally grouped with… British Shorthairs, Selkirk Rexes and Scottish Folds, but also Somalis, Bengals, Abyssinians,  Cornish and Devon Rexes and more. This meant that there were 50 kitties in my group.

The first judge was a local judge and she gave me a Best of Breed ribbon. She is no nonsense and I like her. I wasn’t placed anywhere in my group.  The second judge was from interstate (Alice Springs).  Each judge does things a little differently. This judge asks the steward to present the cat to him, he judges and then returns us. These are some pics


Steward straining under my 6kg weight to present me


The judge’s first look


on the bench


checking my head proportions


Man, this bloke is heavy!


Watch out or I’ll bite your nose ;)


All done

I didn’t receive any awards from that judge. And then came the nice lady (ring 1) from New Zealand. Here are some pics from that ring.


The judge getting me out of my cage


Putting me on the bench. I’m not big, she’s just little


Looking at my head shape


Checking my coat


Feeling my weight and checking body


Do you think they are happy with me?

And that was that. The lady from New Zealand said that I was Best in Breed and that I was also 5th out of 52 kitties in my group, so I won a prize.  I donate my food prizes to homeless kitties and it was a huge 5kg bag today. I also won a frisbee….. well if you turn it upside down you could eat out of it, a coffee mug (I guess they think that our staff need it to turn up to shows so early on a Sunday morning) and a mouse mat…… but no mouse.

Here is a pic of me with my ribbons



So after all that, I have enough points for my next title which is Double Grand Premier. Next show I will start working towards my Bronze Double Grand Premier title.

Thankyou to all my twitter friends who followed me today and wished me well. xxx