Australia and New Zealand Anipal Secret Santa

Hi everyone!! It’s been a really long time between posts.  We apologise for the tardiness of our staff.  All we can say is that she is on notice!

On 15 December, the opening pawty for the Australia and New Zealand animal Secret Santa took place.  I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was at the prospect.  More than a week earlier, a strange looking wonderful smelling parcel arrived at our house.

IMG_5085 IMG_5086

Look how Santa signed the box! He even put whiskers on the face! We counted down the days to 15 December.  Gemma organised our #oznzmas pawty including some delicious food but I was so excited I couldn’t eat.  When the box was opened there was an amazing red sack inside and it smelled even more wonderful than the box.


And because it smelled so wonderful, it attracted some unwelcome attention and I had to defend my own secret santa parcel!!


And as the excitement built, I could hardly contain myself.


Well us cats are highly strung you know.  Finally the time came when I was allowed to open the bag and look what I found?



I decided that there might be more where that came from. And I was right!



I was overcome by the whole thing!


Now that I am in recovery, I would love to thank my Secret Santa for his/her generosity.  There was enough things to share amongst all the kitties in our house. Well, there will be when I have finished playing with everything…..


And thank you to the pawsome Gemma for organising this years fun and to JJ who, as always keeps us Aussie and Kiwi anipals organised.