Update on Jessie and contact with Jane’s family

We were delighted to receive an email from @Charshy_pup and @Archie_pup mum yesterday.  Jane’s family made contact with her which was wonderful.

We are still extremely sad about the loss of Jane but we are happy that the beautiful Jessie has a loving home and Jane’s family is caring for her.  We are also happy that Jane received the best possible care and did not suffer.  She was surrounded by her family.

We are still very sad but it is wonderful that Jane’s family have made contact and now realise how much loved Jane was by her internet friends.

Thomas has published the information on his blog at this link:

Jessie & Jane | Keely and Thomas.

Gemma has also published a lovely tribute on her blog.

Gemma’s tribute to Jane

Billy has shown how deep thinking he is in his tribute to Jane.  Jane always loved reading Billy’s blog (as we do).  Billy’s tribute will make you laugh and cry at the same time.

Life and Soul

Janis had a very special connection with Jane and is honouring her by contributing to Jane’s favourite charity for peeps that like, comment and re-blog her tribute:

A Vale and a Birthday