Happy Gotcha Day Fourth Aussie Cat


DSC_0013Dugal was asked on twitter this morning why there are no photos of Rigate on our blog.  Well, there are a few, but while we were looking we realised that it was Rigate’s gotcha day soon.  Well, it would be, if we knew when it was.  We don’t know which day because his coming to live here was a gradual process.



First he visited, then he moved into the courtyard and then the house.  So we are going to use the date of the first blog about Rigate for his gotcha day – 15 February.




To give you an update, it hasn’t exactly been plain sailing around here since Rigate moved in.  The battles for leadership of the 3 Aussie Cats (no, staff refuses to get a new domain name, so 3 Aussie Cats it is) continue.




You see, he doesn’t understand that he is fourth.  Thats, not first, second or third, its fourth, LAST, bottom of the pecking order!!!  Not only is he fourth, but he is the smallest.  For some reason, he thinks he is a Gen Y kitty and he is entitled to leadership.



So, the gingies continue to battle it out for the position of supreme cat overlord.  Wicket is unwilling to step down from this position and will often launch unprovoked attacks resulting in Rigate’s nose being scratched (never Wicket’s). Poor McG has fallen from grace as the queen of the pack and is often the victim of Rigate’s relentless campaign.  She has taken up residence at the top of the kitty condo because Rigate still hasn’t worked out what it’s for and wouldn’t be seen dead on it.

IMG_5255Dugal skirts around the issue avoiding conflict at all cost.  If needs be, he retreats to our staff’s pillow (Rigate thinks he is a sissy).  Dugal says that he needs to maintain his motto of being a lover not a fighter.  He could smash Rigate out of the ball park if he really wanted to – he is nearly double Rigate’s weight.



In an attempt to calm the zoo, a Feliway infuser moved in.  McG also wears some spray on her beautiful new collar and it looks like Rigate is about to get his own bow tie version.  I wouldn’t exactly say that peace has broken out, but it is a little calmer and less hissies.


Well, I guess we should say HAPPY GOTCHA DAY Rigate.  Sorry, Rigate but you can’t have any cake because you have IBD and that means…. all the cake for the 3 of us *big grins*


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3 thoughts on “Happy Gotcha Day Fourth Aussie Cat

  1. *chuckles* Glad to hear things are quietening down on the battle fronts. Maybe a liberal sprinkling of #nip might help aid peace meows too? Happy Gotchda day, Rigate *smoochies*

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