One White Whisker?

What does it mean when a panfur has one white whisker?


Recently it was noted that our McG was sporting a single white whisker and we wonder what this means.  There are several theories….

A.  She stole one of staff’s hairs, but *whisper* staff has her hair dyed

B.  She is turning into an albino cat.  Possible, but with only 1 white whisker, hardly likely

C.  She is not really a panfur and has been dying her fur all these years in secret.  Much more plausible.

D.  She is jealous of the rest of us and stole one of Dugal’s, Wicket’s or Rigate’s white whiskers. This one is highly likely.

So, we better be careful in our sleep from now on in case we wake up with no whiskers.  Now that she has one, she is bound to want more so that she can be a fashionista kitty and turn up at the next race meeting.


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