About Us

We are three cats living in Australia.  This is us:

McGonagall is the oldest.  She is a black floofy street cat and we are not sure how old she is.  She arrived at this house in 2006 and is named after Professor McGonagall in Harry Potter  McGonagall is the boss cat and the other cats dare not disobey her.  If they do, they risk a thwack or a swipe with claws.  She is very independent but can also be a big sook.

Wicket is a red classic tabby Scottish Fold.  He was born on 19 December 2009 and came from the Kidd family at Remporter Cattery. Wicket is named after an ewok in Star Wars. He loves bags and boxes and his big eyes give him a Puss in Boots look.  He gets away with anything.

Dugal is a blue bi-colour Scottish Shorthair and also came from Remporter Cattery.  He was born on 4 December 2010 and wasn’t named after any movie characters.  His name is the same as one of the characters on Rockwiz – a favourite TV show in our house (he wears a blue singlet and shorts), so it could be a coincidence.  Dugal is an avid supporter of the Geelong Cats and has asked many times to be their real live mascot.  Maybe one day…