Anipal Emergency Contacts

This link will take you to a spreadsheet of emergency contacts for twitter anipals.


This spreadsheet is available for anyone to to use and has been created to ensure that our wonderful friends in the anipal world are OK. The idea came about as a result of the passing of Jane (@JessieJaney), a very dear friend to many on twitter. Her friends were unable to contact her and it was only after the police were contacted on New Years Eve 2013 that her friends found out that she had passed away.

The idea of this spreadsheet is that pals who wish to participate (and we encourage you all) can nominate one or many other twitter friends as emergency contacts. You then need to give him/her/them contact details (name, phone, email) for a friend or family member that will know where/how you are.

Instructions for use:
1 Decide which twitter friend/friends you wish to be your emergency contact and make sure that they are happy to be your emergency contact
2 Provide that twitter friend with contact details for a friend/family member
3 Update your details in this spreadsheet according to your arrangements

If you are trying to find someone who is on this list, please try to tweet / DM / email them (if you have an addy) first. If you are worried or concerned, tweet or DM the emergency contact on this list

If you have a blog, I encourage you to include this list on your blog so that pals know where to go to find the spreadsheet.

If there are any issues with the spreadsheet, please email

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  1. Thank you so much for taking this over. It was getting to be too much for me with my health the way it is. I’m never on line except for very limited periods.

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