Early in 2012, a number of our twitter pals all got cardboard vehicles from Suck UK.  We decided to put our vehicles for good use and formed the #flyingfuries.  Initially we just wanted to participate in air shows and displays, but Sparky made us realise that we could do some good in the world and we could make a business.  So, we are here to fly Dreamies around the world. Here are the #flyingfuries:

In the centre of the picture is Giz.  He is the litter mate of Emo who is in the tank. Together they are @Gizemo03 on twitter. They are Bengal kitties and are intent on taking over the world.

The fire engine on the left belongs to Button and Poppy.  Button, or Lord Button as he calls himself now, is the gingie (@gingiebuttoncat).  He shares a house with @poppypenguincat. Their mum is the photographer for the #flyingfuries and all of the photos here have been created by her.

In the pink car, we have Captain Worm-Sparrow (@Clingycat) who is a fellow Aussie.  She shares a house with Jazz in Brisbane.  They are the official transport for the #flyingfuries.

Sparky (@av_sparky) is the black and white kitty next to the car.  He is the official pigeon despatcher.  Sparky worked out that he could put pidgs to work when we didn’t need our vehicles.  He also worked out that we might have a business to run, so he is the business manager for the #flyingfuries.  His mum made our banner.

@Goblin_kitty is the panfur kitty in the other fire engine. Goblin may look gentle, but is a super fire fighter.

And in the other two planes is me and Wicket.  I let Wicket use my plane sometimes.

If you need a flying display or some Dreamies, use the #flyingfuries hashtag on twitter and give us a call.  We are here to help.

2012 Clipsal 500

Our debut flying display happened at the Clipsal 500 in Adelaide.  E&G flew to Australia with Button in their plane (just as well it was super-fart powered) else they wouldn’t have managed to get off the ground.

After crashing into our yard and waiting for hours for us to wake up and let them in, they fell asleep.  Dugal and I tried to do a flypast for the podium on the Sunday, but we got lost see:

When Giz finally woke up, we decided to do a display for the concert.  This time we didn’t get lost and did a lot of fancy fun stuff like barrel rolls, a heart, and loop.  Giz did get a little close to one of the super screens though.

We hope everyone enjoyed our display in Adelaide.

Many thanks to @Gingiebuttoncat’s mum for the photography and @av_sparky mum for making our banners!