Our Favourite Videos

Tent Shenanigans

Opening our #OZNZMAS Secret Santa Christmas Present

Dugal Playing Angry Birds

Cat or Bird?

Nip Fishies from @KillerParrot

More Washing up by Dugal

Dugal Having a Wash

Jack in a Box Demonstration by Wicket

“Game for Cats” Demonstration by McGonagall

Dugal Playing with Toy Mousie from @Gemmathepuppy

Enjoying a Nip Cupcake from @KillerParrot

Dugal Learning to Fly

Two Cats and a Lego Box

Christmas Tree Destruction by Wicket

More Christmas Tree Destruction by Wicket

How to Catch a Mouse by McGonagall

Wicket’s Birthday Present

Wicket, Champion of the Toilet Roll

Dugal, the Great Lamb Hunter

How to Open a Door by Dugal


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    • Thankyou very much Pie! That’s a real compliment coming from a TV and magazine star like you! We being put under pressure to come up with new material :-)

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